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Follow Me to Thailand [Koh Samui 2018]

The Land of Smiles, they call it, and it is no wonder. From the moment that we stepped off our flight in Bangkok, Thailand radiated warmth. Literally, of course, because as soon as we left the cool air-conditioned airport, we were hit with a 30℃ wall of moisture which staggered our frail European bodies.We weren't to stay in the capital for long - our destination for the next few weeks was actually Koh Samui. I got to experience staying in a fairly luxurious hotel for the first time in my life, as well as snorkelling, canoeing and going on a zip line. All things I never even imagined I'd some day be doing with my favourite people in the world.
But first, a bit about Thailand, for all you faerie folks interested in a more multi-cultural magickal world.
To locals, their land has always been called mueang Thai or by the polite form prather Thai (ประเทศไทย). Before 1949, however, outsiders knew it by the exonym Siam. According to the most popular theory, it originated from the Sansk…

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